Thanks for your interest in DriveShop! Here you'll have the freedom to create content that you know your audience will enjoy, whether that be a written post with photos, a video, a radio or podcast segment, or combination. You can be creative, have fun, and write a vehicle story that fits your lifestyle.

How it works:

After being approved, we deliver a car to the location you provide. We give you a “walk around” of the car - pretty much everything YOU need to know to be comfortable driving all week long.

  1. You drive/test/have fun in the vehicle for one week (unless otherwise agreed upon). Max. of 500 miles per loan. All necessary insurance is provided so you will not have to adjust your policy. You will have to sign a Borrowed Vehicle Agreement before you take possession at delivery, so please be sure to read that carefully as each brand is slightly different.

  2. We request at least three (3) live social shares when you are driving the vehicle. Any specific hashtags to be mentioned will be provided, if applicable.

  3. Notify your DriveShop contact with links to your posts when published. We like to encourage our brands to engage with your content!

  4. We come back to a location based on your convenience to pick up the vehicle, chat about your experience, and answer any questions you may have.

  5. We look at getting you in another vehicle! (We limit the number of loans over time to make sure your content calendar has a good variety of content and not just car stories.)

We request all primary coverage to be published within two weeks of vehicle pick-up. If you need an extension to complete an extended review, video editing, or to fit your editorial calendar, just let us know. We are flexible and understand that timing is a major factor, however, lack of communication in delays will result in loss of vehicle privileges.

When returning the vehicle, please make sure the inside and outside is clean and has enough fuel for our team to return the vehicle to the DriveShop local office. We at DriveShop pride ourselves in the care and handling of these vehicles. If you have any questions about returning the vehicle, please contact your DriveShop contact.