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Purveyors of America's love
affair with the automobile

From our best-in-class fleet management software to our use of proprietary data analytics, we are constantly innovating to anticipate and capitalize on the changing transportation market.


Auto Expert Reviews

DriveShop partners with top automotive media outlets, journalists and testers to generate articles, videos, reference guides and industry awards from test drive reviews, comparison tests and new vehicle evaluations. On any given day an average of 10 cars are picked up or delivered for review every hour.

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Lifestyle & Social Stories

DriveShop works with a network of over 2,000 leading celebrity, lifestyle and social media influencers to participate in test drive activities, creating earned and paid content that amplify experiences to targeted, watchful audiences.


Driving Experiences That Stick

DriveShop designs and produces get-behind-the-wheel driving activities that give experts, influencers and consumers the test drive experiences that allow them to learn about all a vehicle can do.


Fleet Management

DriveShop manages thousands of vehicles each year with the most active fleets of dedicated public relations, marketing, and promotion vehicles, watched over by trained vehicle managers, dispatchers and VIP chauffeurs. We make sure the right cars are in the right place, driving over 13,000 miles per day.


Technology Leadership

DriveShop maintains the leading proprietary technologies for tracking ROI and managing the extensive investments our clients dedicate to public relations, marketing and promotional vehicle activities.


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