In 2014, Mazda announced their partnership with SXSW as the Official Vehicle of the Film, Interactive, and Music festival. Since then, Mazda has hosted exclusive SXSW experiences to help connect consumers with the innovators of today and the visionaries of tomorrow.

The goal of the partnership is to create an experience that differentiates Mazda from their competitors, provides an opportunity for consumers to spend time in some of the most fun vehicles on the market and to learn, as well as experience, what sets Mazda apart as the alternative to Luxury brands.

For the third year in a row, DriveShop assisted Mazda in providing complimentary rides for consumers throughout downtown Austin and shattered last year’s results with a total of 5,315 registrants (+56.8% YOY) and 6,795 in-vehicle experiences (+36.8% YOY)!

This year’s participants were no longer limited to being picked up or dropped off at designated locations. 2016’s program allowed registered guests to “flag down” Express vehicles anywhere around town to be picked up. Drivers could also deliver them anywhere within the greater downtown area.

Whether you wanted to go to the Austin Convention Center, Hype Hotel, or Lambert’s for lunch, Mazda would get you there! Twelve of the 32 Mazda Express vehicles offered in-vehicle engagement including the opportunity to create a sharable GIF and/or participate in a fun trivia game.