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We’re always looking to explore relationships with new partners, journalists, influencers and people interested in joining our team.


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We are proud of our partnerships with the world’s leading automakers. Please fill out the form below to inquire about new partnerships or contact Derek Drake:
425.869.8519 ext. 35


We have long-standing relationships with premier marketing agencies. Let’s work together to activate your campaigns. Please inquire below or contact Derek Drake:
425.869.8519 ext. 35


Auto Media & Influencers

If you are a lifestyle expert, social media influencer or content creator interested in partnering with DriveShop, we want to hear from you. We specialize in matching automotive experts and leading lifestyle influencers with the right brand and model vehicle.

Event Producers
& Venues

Sponsorship packages and programs that work for automakers can be complex. The logistics of vehicle displays, drive experience programs, shuttle and chauffeur services, etc. provide opportunities and challenges that stretch typical activation packages. DriveShop works with event producers and venue representatives across the country to design, develop and activate partnership packages specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of automakers. If you’re interested in working with us on packaged programs for your event or venue, please contact us at


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We’re always looking for intelligent, innovative and hard-working people to join the DriveShop team. Please follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn, and if you’re interested in a career with DriveShop, please see our open positions or apply here.